Import Regulations

Importing Used Car from Japan to Mauritius

The issue of licence to authorised dealers in imported second-hand motor vehicles is governed under the Consumer Protection (Importation and sale of Second-hand Motor Vehicles) Regulations 2004.
  Any person wishing to carry on the business of importation and sale of second-hand motor vehicles should be a company which:-

 (a) has an issued share capital of not les than 2 million rupees;
 (b) holds a licence issued under regulation 6;
 (c) operates from its business premise;
 (d) the business premise should be –
       (i)   destined solely for the display and sale of imported second-hand motor vehicles and sale of spare parts;
       (ii)  separated from any other compound or building used for a purpose other than the purpose specified at (i);
       (iii) easily accessible to the public and motor vehicles.

 Documents required for any company which intends to carry on the business of importation and sale of second-hand motor vehicles:-
 (i) Application forms in duplicate in the prescribed form duly filled.
 (ii) Certificate of Incorporation of the company.
 (iii) Location and site plan of proposed showroom (closed yard or showroom and an office).
 (iv) List of shareholders/directors.
 (v) Bank certificate attesting a credit balance of not less than 2 million rupees.
 (vi) Bank reference certificate for each Director.
 (vii) Certificate from the owner of a Public Bonded Warehouse attesting the space provided for and the number of vehicles to be stored.
 (viii) Valid Trading Licence as dealer in second-hand motor vehicles and spare parts.
 (ix) Certificate attesting that the company has not been wound up.
 (x) A declaration from the Court as to whether any director of the company has or has not been convicted of an offence involving fraud or dishonesty during the last 10 years preceding the application.
Issue of licence
A licence is issued within 15 days after submission of all appropriate documents and is valid up to 12 months subject to–
 (i)   the payment of a fee of 50,000 rupees.
 (ii)  submission of a security by means of a bank guarantee or an insurance security for a period of 24 months starting from the date of commencement of the validity of the licence.
 (iii)  The licence is renewable annually

Note: We are trying to keep all information up to date however we can not guarantee a 100% correctness of all information presented here. Please contact your local authorities before importing a vehicle to your country.