Import Regulations

Importing Used Car from Japan to Mozambique


Used cars imported to Mozambique are shipped to the maritime port of Maputo.  Chan Auto will organize the export from Japan up to the port of Maputo. If you buy your car from Chan Auto , we will arrange export and shipping from Japan.

Age Restriction

There is no year restriction when it comes to importing a used vehicle to Mozambique.

Road Worthiness Inspection (Intertek Inspection)

All Japanese used vehicles being imported to Mozambique will be required to undergo an Intertek inspection in Japan and be assigned a MOZ inspection number. 

The customer will need to apply for their vehicle's MOZ number at their local Intertek office.  You can read more on the Intertek inspection here.

Clearing of your Vehicle in Mozambique

Note: when importing a used vehicle to Mozambique, taxes and clearance charges will be applied by the Goverment of Mozambique.