Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, but we like to start building up very good business relationship with you and hopefully become a major import.


Sure you can come here and buy your cars. Just make sure that it is worth while. We advise that buying 1 or 2 cars it will be best to let us do the buying for you.

However if you are going to buy multiple units it is advisable to come on over and see how it all works. You are very welcome.

While you are here we will collect you from the airport and arrange a hotel to your specified budget, plus take you to auctions within Tokyo during your stay.


Yes we do have selected stock.

We buy according to demand and price. Obviously it would be impossible to stock every type of car that we are asked for as the variations and financial outlay is immensely prohibitive.

Most of the cars we advertise on our website either belong to us directly or to one of our local Japanese contacts. Remember that all stock cars are sourced from originally at auction and auction is still the preferred method of purchase for us and should be for you if your ultimate goal is to save money.


Once you have chosen your vehicle, please send an enquiry to us, so that we will contact Chan Auto dealers to see the availability of the vehicle. If the vehicle is available, we will send you proforma invoice.


Yes, we accept your order by fax and phone. You can also order by email and Skype.


FOB is an initialism which pertains to the shipping of goods. Depending on specific usage, it may stand for Free On Board or Freight On Board.
( FOB price means all costs up to a port,FOB(Free On Board) = Car price + Custom clearing cost in Japan)
CIF – Cost, Insurance and Freight (named destination port)
Exactly the same as CFR except that the seller must in addition procure and pay for insurance for the buyer. Maritime transport only.


We accept all payment via bank wire transfer (T/T) and L/C(letter of credit) , currently We do not accept any payment by credit card and other mode Please note that all bank transfer charges should be paid by customer.


Sorry, we do not accept payment other than telegraphic transfer and L/C at this time, but hopefully in the near future.


Yes,We do accept L/C once approved by our Banking institution.All L/C charges to be covered by the customer.


We do not offer credit, your vehicle will be shipped ofter receipt of your payment in confirmed by our Japanese bank.


No, we do not have warranty. Every car is based on as-is condition at the time of sale. However, we provide all the information of cars before you decide to purchase.


You can convert Japanese yen to other currencies with our currency converter.


Delivery of your vehicle to your nearest port will depend on the timing of your payment and the shipping company’s schedule. Please ask us for the approximate delivery times for each region.


As soon as your vehicle has been booked for shipment, we will inform you of shipping details via fax or email with estimated time of departure and estimated time of arrival.


Once the vessel carrying your vehicle is departed from a port, all necessary documents will be sent to the address mentioned on your order form or address you request. Please make sure to inform us postal address and contact information prior to shipment.


You can receive the following documents by DHL or EMS etc, immediately after vehicle shipment:

    Bill of Lading(B/L)
    De-Registration Certificate(Japanese) ) (Export certificate) (CR)
    De-Registration Certificate(English translation) (Export certificate) (CR)
    Commercial invoice.


The ocean carrier issues the B/L serves as a receipt for goods, an evidence of the contract of carriage, and a document of title of the goods.


De-Registration certificate normally says CR.

By this system, our business for all over the world is rapidly increasing, and many customers are successful engaged in this business.

We are right here if you would like to have any enquiry about this organization. Thank you very much for your acknowledgement about our organization.
Please be free to contact us and will wait for your inquiry..